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Opera Educational Consulting Pvt Ltd was established in 2005 to assist students Nepal for their higher education abroad.

Opera Educational Consulting is a company that offers guidance in the fields concerning studying abroad. We provide best customized services to our clients so that they would have best assistance for pursuing higher education abroad. Our objective has not only been to ensure that our esteemed clients find the best universities when they go abroad to study but also they will have many other assistance from us such as pre-departure orientation. As a result, many who have chosen our services over the years have expressed their satisfaction to our services and many of them recommend their friends and relatives to obtain our services for studying in a foreign country.

Why Choose OPERA?

Opera Educational Consulting has been in existence since 2005. Over the years, we have gained the necessary experience to be able to guide potential students for study any subject of their choice at right destination. We have a team of dedicated professionals who offer best services in the industry. Our expertise is more certainly what you need when you want to move abroad to study.

Our counselors get themselves updated on present trends of studying abroad. We stay informed every time to ensure that our advice and guidance is always in line with what will be expected by potential clients. This current strategy is aimed at giving high level customized services to our clients to fully understand their needs and provide the detailed specifics geared towards the best outcome.

At OPERA, we are determined to provide our customers with essential information regarding tuition fee, course duration, assignments and exams and future prospects. We will always be pleased to answer the questions of our clients. To give you a deeper insight into what we deal with, we would like to welcome you at our office.

Student Visas

Quality education is something that everyone would want. For this reason, many people choose to study abroad in the world’s renowned universities. Studying abroad has the effect of broadening the horizon of a student’s thinking making them better in their fields of specialization. The qualifications gained from these universities have a worldwide recognition making any holder competitive in the job market.

It is evident that most of the top institutions have been on the forefront of using technology in coming up with breathtaking inventions. This is a great opportunity for international students to be exposed to technology in the advancement of their studies. All these benefits, among others, will come if the students integrate with the local culture they find there.

At OPERA, we understand how much students need the advantages that come with studying abroad when they pursue their careers. That is why we are dedicated to offering our student clients the best guidance. We stand by the students from the time of getting admission in their university of choice abroad to the right way of obtaining their student visas. Moreover, we advise them on how to best cope with the culture of the foreign country, as well as the existing the available scholarships they can obtain.